Every floor in the house needs a new makeover. That’s why you should think about laminating your bathroom floor. Why should I do this, you ask? Laminated floors are the hot topic offering warmth and beauty over hardwood floors any day. In fact, laminate floors are not as popular. Here’s how to laminate a bathroom floor in 3 easy steps.

Are Laminated Floors Expensive

No, actually, they are not. For anyone who is on a tight budget, laminate floors prove to be the best over putting in a hardwood floor. Laminated floors can be created in any style or color.

How are Laminate Floors Different?

Laminate floors are made from wood chips. This composite material is pressed together at high temperatures and then covered with a photogenic image of hardwood and tile.

How Do I install a Laminated Floor

Lucky for you, installing laminated floors is an easy DIY project. For the next rainy day that you have, spend it putting this new floor together. Here is how to put in a laminated floor in three easy steps for your bathroom. Remember to plan ahead, and always ask questions if you are at a loss.

1. Using a Square Edge Design

Use a square edge laminate to form a tight seal on the edges of your bathroom. The edges are where moisture has been an issue based on rapid water damage.

2. Glue, Glue and More Glue

You guessed it. You’re going to need a lot of glue for this process. With each board, you put in, apply a piece of glue to the edges

3. Lastly, Choose the Right Underlayment

An underlayment helps protect the floor if the bathtub has a horrible leak. Choose an underlayment that is moisture resistant. Also, choose one that has a vapor barrier.