If you believe that top world politicians live a different way of life, you will have a change of mind once you take a look at the home the former U.S. senator and first lady, Hillary Clinton.

A piece published in Architectural Digest takes readers to an exclusive tour inside and outside of Clinton’s residence in Washington. According to Hillary, the 5,000-square-foot home was built in the year 2000 under the watch of celebrity designer Rosemarie Howe.

Inside the House

Once you walk on the back portion of the house, you will get across a beautiful green garden surrounding the swimming pool. Hillary personally developed the garden which she believes to be one of the best and amazing gardens on earth today.

If you get inside the house, you will observe that the ambiance is so welcoming with the light-colored garments and adornments. The arrangement of the furniture also induces that feeling of comfort once you are inside Clinton’s house.

The former first lady revealed that her mother is her buddy in ensuring that the interior details of the home remain to be hospitable.

When you reach the bluish dining area, you will surely get hooked to the royalty-inspired wall, painted with Benjamin Moore’s Blue Lagoon. The simple dining area was used by G8 representatives and other world leaders who happened to visit former President Bill Clinton.

A Home for the Public

The former first lady emphasized that while they hold government position for years, their taste for a simple yet happy home will never change.

She said that the family intended to open the home to the public for them to realize and know the characters of the Clintons deeply. Hillary ended the tour assuring the public that their house is always wide open to cater to the people who need their help and services.