A superyacht that aims to be the biggest in the world and also the boldest in terms of design, is currently being planned by Latitude Yachts, a Latvia-based company. Its Korean chief designer Chulhun Park is aiming for a superyacht that veers away from the conventional design of a luxury seafaring vessel. The project, called Valkyrie, is believed to have been designed for the president of the United Arab Emirates, Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahyan.

Taking inspiration from the postmodern architecture method of deconstructivism, the Valkyrie’s sleek design makes it look like it came straight out from a sci-fi movie. It will measure about 229 meters and will cost around $800 million to make. The superyacht will easily stand out from the rest because of its unconventional shape and surface.

Cutting edge technology will make Valkyrie’s design possible and will give Park more freedom in completing the aesthetic components of the superyacht while not sacrificing its superb performance.

The Valkyrie is designed to incorporate a multihull vessel that was first innovated by Palmer Johnson Yachts where Park used to work.

The below-the-waterline construction will lessen the drag during high-geared travels and will increase fuel efficiency.

A carbon construction technology will also allow the Valkyrie to have lesser weight and more sight lines from the boat.

The superyacht aims to be a multifaceted hub where guests can enjoy facilities like casino, restaurants, gallery, theater, and convention space. Aside from these onboard amenities, Park designed large areas and open windows for the guests to be able to enjoy the beauty of nature around them.

Though no contract has been signed for the construction of the Valkyrie, Park said certain people already expressed a huge interest for the project. And with the latest developments in technology and design, it will not take long before the Valkyrie opens its state-of-the-art doors to eager guests.