Trends aren’t only about styles and fashion that we wear, it’s also about putting new designs and colors in parts of our homes such as the bathroom. It is one of the most comfortable areas in our homes where we get to be ourselves. Everyone spends their fair share of time in the bathroom, so wouldn’t it be just right to give our bathrooms some remodeling?

Bathroom Design Trends of 2019

Black Returns to the Spotlight

In 2016 and 2017, grey has been the most sought after color for new bathroom designs. Sleek, simple, and classy, it continued to get darker until today where black is the new trend. This dark tone is often used in vanity mirrors and walls and is usually fixed with a matte finish to give off a classy look.

Back to the Golden Times

Some people like neutral colors while others also like to be bold. Brass and Gold have returned to the top spots of design popularity. These are most commonly found with fixtures, especially in faucets, hangers, flush valves, and anything that gives the bathroom a more vintage look. Current popular methods in bathroom design are the replacement of warm colors with gold and brass. 

The Wood Accent

Wood designs aren’t also taking a step back anytime soon and has in fact been used more often than in their past prime. Various patterns of wood designs are trending and they bring with them uniqueness as well as the tranquility of nature. Wood designs have also opened up many doors of possibilities for bathroom designs since it goes well with almost any bathroom look and blends well with different colors.

Technology at Its Best

2018 has been a great year for innovations and ideas to make the bathroom more user-friendly and techy-savvy. From seat warmers, automatic flushers and hand dryers, you can name it all. And just when we thought that bathroom modernization was at its best, 2019 has given us more surprises. In 2019, bathrooms can already be controlled at the tip of your fingers through your smartphones and small refrigerators are also a trend together with automatic sinks and glass shelves. 

Bathrooms have definitely come a long way since the simple old days, but definitely, nothing is too much if it’s for your happiness and comfort.