You can draw the forces of the universe to your favor by simply abiding Feng shui. This old Chinese geomancy is widely used in setting up residences and business hubs with utmost ‘luck.’

For those people who are very particular with the arrangement of their bedroom, they can also utilize Feng shui. Just refer to the following tips to create a Chinese-like room.

  1. Right Hue. Make sure you paint the walls of your room with skin tone hues. Chocolate brown, dirty white, and peach are the perfect colors.
  2. Ideal Spot. You must see the entire entry point of your door as you lay on the bed- this is one of the core concepts of Feng shui. Following this will make you more secure since you can immediately see who’s about to enter your room. Also, make sure that your bed is positioned far from the windowpane. 
  3. Always in Pair. If you are strictly following the Chinese tradition, you must clad your bedroom with items in pair. So, leave a pair of similar lampshades, two pillows, two teddy bears, and two seats.  It is best if the room is used by a couple as well. 
  4. Extra Details. Don’t also forget to fill your bedroom with accessories that foster the five senses. For the sense of smell, you can use scented candles, or if you have an ultrasonic diffuser, infused it with essential oils. To stimulate the sense of touch, make sure that you use soft cotton fabrics for your bed and pillows. 

These are some of the hacks that you can use to attract luck. But aside from relying on the forces of nature, make sure that you also do your part!

What are the Don’ts of Feng shui

  • Technology
  • Mirrors
  • Overhead Paintings
  • Objects with Sharp Edges