The winter months are boring. If you want to find something new to do, grow a lemon tree. Indoors? Yes, and we will teach you how to grow a lemon tree indoors.

Choosing the Right Planter Pot

To meet the health needs of your lemon tree, it’s essential to choose the right planter pot. Choose one with drainage holes. The plant should not be sitting water. That is not good for it. Look into Terracotta pots. Aside from those, you can also use plastic or glazed pots.

Here’s a tip. Planter pots should be double in size compared to the root ball of the plant. Roots are given enough room to grow, and the soil should mix with the drains, too.

How to Attend for an Indoor Lemon Tree


You bet that Lemon Trees grow differently inside compared to outside. You need to water and fertilize accordingly. Water the lemon tree at least 2-3 times per week.

It gives the tree enough hydration to keep it from drying up. Soak the plant so that you see water escaping from the drain holes.


Aside from watering, fertilizer is another key element to keeping your lemon tree happy and healthy. Lemon trees require essential nutrients. You should fertilize the tree every three to four months. Do not disturb the roots as it may damage them from proper growth.

Look Out For Your Lemon Tree

It is essential to look put for your lemon tree at all times, particularly in the winter months. Look out for these signs if you see it struggling in any way.

Yellow leaves are the ultimate sign that the pot is not being drained properly. Another tip is to prune the branches so they don’t take over the tree.