How to Paint a Garage Door

How to Paint a Garage Door

Painting your garage door isn’t difficult. But at the same time, it involves a little more than charging at the door with the nearest brush and paint! To get the best job done, the first thing you need to do is consider the type of door you’re dealing with.

Where necessary, be sure to get appropriate help with removing the door.

With that out of the way, let’s get to painting this surface properly. To do this, you have to first run over the entire surface of the garage door with a flat scraper. Next, you repeat the same process but this time with a wire brush.

The purpose of this is to remove any dirt and loose paint from the surface of the door so it is more receptive to the new coating you want to apply.

Finally, go over the surface one last time with a medium-grit sander to prepare it fully for the painting ahead.

Now, wearing all the necessary personal protective equipment (if you aren’t already) you can start by first painting just the edges of the veneer. Also, here, don’t forget to focus on any areas between sections. Not doing so might make the paint appear a bit shoddy.

When you are finally done with that, you can go on to apply the needed faux finish. For a good and lasting effect, you want to start with two coats of any deep acrylic latex paint color of your choice.

As there will be excess paint in certain areas, make sure that you use a clean rag to blot all of that away before it dries. This will also help you create a nice, mottled effect.

And with this, you will have your garage door looking nice, clean, and able to withstand the elements even better!