If you just got a car, then congratulations are in order! However, you should know that you can’t take it out on the road just like that. You have to do your due diligence with the vehicle first. What does this mean exactly?

1.Registration With the Department of Motor Vehicles

Well, by law, you must first get the car duly registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles or DMV in your state of residence before you can be considered a legitimate driver in America. As such, the question becomes, how do you go about registering your car successfully? A few documents you should have handy include but aren’t restricted to,

  • Documents that verify your identity, such as a valid driver’s license. You may also be required to tender your Social Security information as well.
  • Insurance documents for the vehicle you want to register.

2. Sorting Out Your Sales Tax

Depending largely on what state you plan on registering your vehicle in, you may be required to present a sales tax document. Usually, you will have to pay the tax for buying the vehicle independent of the cost of acquiring it.

As such, you will need to get this sorted out before your registration will proceed.

3. When Using a Dealership

You may be able to avoid having to go through the DMV, if you procured your vehicle through a dealership. This is because in the United States, registered dealers have the right to complete your car registration for you at the point of purchase. They only require items like sales tax, a fee for your registration. You’ll be given your license plates right there and that would be all.

4. With the DMV

You are not avoided the above opportunity, if you didn’t purchase your car from a dealership. To register your vehicle in the eyes of the law, you would have to visit your local DMV’s physical address with the following documents in tow,

  • The title for your new car, as supplied by who you bought it from.
  • A legit bill of sale.
  • Your automobile insurance documents.
  • A valid driver’s license.

After verification of these documents, you would be required to wait the period of a moment for your official registration sticker.

However, pending that time, you will be issued a temporary registration sticker to help you get around.